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How does one change the TITLE of their own forum thread...?


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hey i'm not a "new player" but i wasn't sure where else to post this type of question . And i've already searched the entire forums (with keywords 'title' , 'edit' , 'thread', etc. etc. ) and found nothing so far.


I also PM'd one of the forum mods (but maybe they aren't active anymore? ) .




I made a new forum thread yesterday over in another section , but i forgot to add my guilds name to the thread's title line...and when i try EDIT the thread, and change the title, it doesn't take. (title remains the same no matter what i do) .


Are there any mods who can edit it for me?


Or does anyone know how to make edits of a forum thread title actually take effect?


thanks. -- Nee:sy_title:

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