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Blaster Comparison


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It takes a little more than basic algebra to model what these guns do.


I... play EVE. That game has three flavors of guns. What makes them interesting is the difference between artillery and railguns:

Artillery deals a serious amount of damage with a very long reload time. Railguns (and beam lasers) deal less damage per shot, but have a lot shorter reload time. And other flavor-type differences.

When I line up a large target for a clean shot with an artillery-fit battleship, it hits hard. The reload time on that ship's guns is ~20 seconds, during which time I can be somewhat evasive before I have to think about where I'm aiming again. Those kinds of guns became very common in fleet fights because of what a lot of logistics ships could do:

If your fleet couldn't pass the DPS check to burn through the enemy fleet's ability to heal, your fleet would be unable to kill anything. But, because it was EVE and there were so many tools available, there were options for counterplay:

One was to apply a few single big hits, like you would get from a fleet of large artillery platforms. If a fleet can pop a target before the enemy healers can react, it's a kill. This made for un-fun gameplay: There's no "They're shooting at me, run!" against that kind of burst damage. It's just "Next... oh, they got me." After a couple of seconds, you see how big the hits were and who shot you. And, the build counters for that is to maximize effective health (combination of: resistance, raw hitpoints, speed).


Hmm, sound familiar?


Mathematically modeling that gets... messy.

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I recently had a discussion on F1 damage being amplified by critical damage.

It does and everyone can see it using the tutorial.


The tutorial gives you a stock T2 scout. It has LLC, DC and TT with no upgrades.

A single hit on a training drone in F4 does 338. That is exactly 104% of the base damage per shot the LLC does (325).


Switching to F1 does 371 damage per shot. 114% base damage is 370.5.

Activating TT and being lucky to get a crit shows 556 as damage.

This is 370.5*1.5=555.75. So critical hits clearly affect modified damage.

If F1 and DC damage wouldn't be affected by critical hits the damage would have been 533, not 556.

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