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[R] <Fallen Angels> Recruiting for 4:30p (7:30p EST) Weds & Sunday Ops Group


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<Fallen Angels> is currently seeking people for its EST ops group. This is a newly formed group, and we are just starting Story Mode content. We are seeking all classes, disciplines, and roles. Since this group is just starting out, we have no gear or experience requirements. If you are looking to 'get into ops' but you've never been given the opportunity to prove yourself as capable, this is a great opportunity to start off with a new group!




Ops Days & Times


Wednesdays / Sundays - 7:30p to 10:30p EST (4:30p to 7:30p server)


These days may change as the team evolves. We may also add additional days on a case-by-case basis.




Galactic Republic


** For this operations group. Note, we do have an Imperial guild too.


Voice Chat




All raiding players must be able to listen into mumble. Tanks must have a working mic.



Level, Gear & Experience Needed



  • Level 50; required by game to zone into the raid; tanks please be level 65.
  • No gear level requirements; use the correct gear for your role (i.e. tanks in tanking gear; healers in healing gear; dps in dps gear). We can give advise on the correct gear if you are unsure.
  • No prior ops experience necessary. We will teach the ops we're familiar with, and learn new ones together.





** We schedule our ops on a sign-up basis using our guild calendar. Players who sign-up are given priority on raid spots over those who do not.




If you're interested in this group, please contact Solsong or Hendawg in-game, through this site, through our guild website, or at solsongmoonflower@gmail.com. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have and see if you'll be a fit for our guild community.


If you're a PST player or an EST player who can stay-up late, we also have a PST ops group that raids from 7:30p to 10:30p PST.




About Fallen Angels


<Fallen Angels> is a recently formed social guild on The Harbinger. Our goal is to create a fun environment where our guild's members can enjoy all aspects of SWTOR. We are a very active guild, and while this specific post is seeking players for operations, together our guild enjoys doing FPs; heroic questing; conquest; datacron hunting; HK missions; Star Fortresses; and the occasional pvp match. We're also known to sit in mumble and talk for hours while doing our own thing. Our guild's members range in age from 18 to 60, with the majority of the guild being somewhere in the middle. Our experience levels range from players completely new to gaming to former hardcore gamers in SWTOR and other games.


Guild Perks

  • Imperial & Republic guilds
  • 10% XP bonus
  • Flagships on both sides
  • Helpful and patient veteran players who are willing to work with and teach newer players
  • Tight knit growing guild community where people enjoy the social aspects of the game together.

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