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If anyone hasn't noticed the Feb 17 is Tuesday, the site say it ends on Sunday the 16 which is actually Monday the 16th. Some clarification would be nice Bioware.


If you read, the 17th is European time...


"FEBRUARY 16, 2015 AT 11PM PST / FEBRUARY 17, 2015 AT 7AM GMT"


It still says 16th USA time. GMT is roughly adding 8 hours to PST. You could learn this if you did google search...

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why not just hover mouse pointer over the yellow xp tag at the end of the exp bar and it says how many hours left ... no need to know the date or time then ;)


This, this and only this.

It comes up every time this xp event runs, and all you have to do is this...

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They completely miscalculated it this time, which is why Twitter, the events page, the launcher note and the patch notes all give different times. Tait fixed it in some places but not all, especially the German/French translations still have the wrong dates.


The exact end time of double xp is:

  • US West (PST): Monday, February 16, 11pm
  • US Mountain (MST): Monday, February 16, 12am (midnight)
  • US Central (CST): Tuesday, February 17, 1am
  • US East (EST): Tuesday, February 17, 2am
  • EU West (GMT): Tuesday, February 17, 7am
  • EU Central (CET): Tuesday, February 17, 8am

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