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MadCast Gaming is a multi-game community that has been around for over seven years! Founded with a handful of friends, MadCast has now grown to 224 current Full Members from around the world, and continues to thrive. Right now MadCast officially supports the following games: SWTOR, League of Legends, Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3, and Minecraft, but our members play a huge variety of other games, including Civ 5, Hearthstone, Team Fortress 2, Battlefield 4, and more! We have a thriving forum with over 200k posts.


What is our goal?

First and foremost, our goal is to build a community. Community means respect for others, friendship, and a lot of hard work. We are more interested in finding the right people than fielding a 20 man raid roster next week. We envision a guild with a dedicated progression raid team. We envision a guild where new members get scooped up and brought straight into the middle of things. We envision a guild where Friday nights evolve into drunken Karaoke or spontaneous costume parties. We envision a guild where real life friendships are forged.


Give me the basics:

MadCast has rolled as the Empire on The Bastion.


Guild Requirements:

Every guild member must follow the Code of Conduct.

Every guild member is requested to have a forum account with MadCast Gaming.

Every guild member is asked to log into SWTOR at least one within 30 days.


Where do I fit in?


Casual players are not necessarily "casual", but they are not Raiders. Casual players are offered a variety of PvE and PvP events throughout the week for content. Casual players will also be offered the opportunity to attend Story Mode Raid Night Mondays on a first-come, first-serve basis, provided level requirements are met. This is an informative introduction to raiding, with no expectations or pressure on those in attendance. Casual players wishing to transition to the Raid Team may gain experience and practice through Story Mode Raid Night before applying.



Progression Raids are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings: 9 PM - 12 AM Eastern Time. You must sign up on the forums and post your intent to join the progression team, along with what role and gear level so we can properly keep track of what our composition is.


Progression Raiding at MadCast means an expectation that raiders show up on time, every time. We are looking for consistent progression with a reliable raiding team. We have an expectation that people follow direction and put their egos to the side for the team. We have an expectation that raiders are striving to improve their individual skills, and are not satisfied with being "okay" players.



Who's in charge of this all?

Guild Leadership: Only MadCast Admins are eligible for Guild Leadership positions. For more information, please speak with MadCast: Jobotoo (senior MadCast admin). We will be actively looking for additional admins among guild members who exhibit leadership qualities and exemplify MadCast principles.


Guilds are like Marriage. I'm not sure I'm ready to propose:

Check out our website. On the front page you'll see some info about the different ranks of membership, our Full Member Terms, and the Code of Conduct. On our forums you'll see what our members are like.

Hop into our TeamSpeak and say hi. Ask to join a Flashpoint group or run some PvP with others.

Join us for some of our other games. If you play any of the games listed above, check us out there and meet some MadCasters!

Chat with us in this thread! We will be happy to look at pictures of your cat, share a chocolate chip cookie recipe, and answer your questions about MadCast.

Join the guild. You can always leave. We won't keep half your house.

Contact one of our admins:

Head Admin: [sFM] MadCast: Jobotoo- (Jobo)

[RFM] MadCast: Peste - (P'este)

[RFM] MadCast: QuantaMentat - (Quantessa)

[RFM] MacCast: Mist - (Mem’tim)

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