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Random D/Cs with perma queue bug?


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As I was leveling. I am queued for a WZ. Suddenly, I get the loading screen and I am back at the character selection screen. Whatever. D/Cs happen. I log back in and I am perma queued for a WZ. It wouldn't let me leave it, nor let me requeue.


So I decided to queue for a FP and see if that takes away the perma queue. Everything going fine and boom! loading screen again and back I am in at the character selection screen.


Not sure if the random D/Cs are on my end (there was no high lat/MS) but it looks like the perma queue is back (at least for WZs. Haven't tried it yet for FP). The only way to get out (AFAIK) is to completely shut down the client and restart.

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