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"galaxy's sexiest killer"


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For those who were unaware, we had a new weekly duel event/meet and greet on NarShaada this evening Jan3rd.

I was absolutely amazed by how many people showed up to shake their booty and test their dueling skills against each other. There was over 100 people at one point on the dance floor!!! Absolutely amazing!!!


This week's Sexiest Killer, was a Jedi.


Alacris (shadow) took home the title with 10 consecutive wins against 10 different players.


Honorable mentions were


Talizhor (sorc)

Durwin (sorc)

Lakas (jug)


Next week's event will be on NarShaada as well, until we get more votes to go elsewhere. Just post it up on this thread people!


Thanks to absolutely everyone that came out to duel and to have fun with a great meet and greet!!!

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I still have one ungeared toon on the server. I could spam chat to get it going tonight for old times sake. I'll log on tonight and set it up.


Start spamming galaxy's sexiest killer event at 9pm east, lower promenade on Nar Shadaa. I still have a few creds so I'll front a bonus, while I touch base with you all. I'm curious how ranked is since I left.

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