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KotOR 3...?


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I'm having fun playing this game so far... That being said, I'm not sure how long this feeling is going to last.


This is not a complaint as I haven't made it to 50 yet, but just a concern. I just get the feeling this game is extremely constricing in terms of freedom. More like a single player game than an MMO.


I understand this is Bioware and knew I was getting into a heavly story based game. But this is also supose to be an MMO, and one of the biggest things about an MMO is having freedom. Freedom to explore, freedom to quest where you want, freedom to do whatever.


So far this game just feels like another KotOR that I occasionally have to find someone to group with to complete an almost mandatory heroic mission. That's not "multiplayer," that's temporarily upgrading your companion to player strength for a mission.


I hate to compare this game to Pre-NGE SWG(I miss this game), something I know this game is not trying to be, but even with ZERO story arc, I felt more immersed into the Star Wars universe than I do here.


In that game, it felt like I was actually "living" in the SW universe making my own decisions of what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go, and when I wanted to do it. Here, I just feel like I'm watching a movie with no actual control over my character.


Again, I know this isn't SWG and I know it's not trying to be SWG, but for the last 6 years(or however long it's been) since the NGE **** up, there has been a massive demand in the MMO gaming community for a game to fill that gap it left behind, and for as long as this game has been in development I'm hoping it's not going to be just another WoW clone with an even MORE restricted story arc which is what it's starting to feel like.

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At level 15, I know it's way too early for me to judge, but I kinda feel where OP is coming from. I do feel like this is Kotor 3 with MMO grafted on. Don't get me wrong, I'm having a lot of fun. I remember playing Kotor 1 and 2 and thinking about how much more potential the game concept had and that they seemed to end before I was ready for them to end. I'm hoping this game provides that ongoing desire to keep playing. Still, I used to play WoW a few years ago and loved being able to say, "today, I'm just going to farm for crafting materials" or "I think I want to do some world PvP" and basically being able to go where I wanted when I wanted (at the level cap) and do what I wanted with or without friends. The only reason I quit was because I couldn't devote anywhere near the time to grind for gear to be a decent tank, and fell into the trap of being picked on for not having gear but not able to get help to get the gear.



Being stuck in Coruscant as a Jedi Guardian I really don't get the feeling of freedom right now.

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