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Did an fp earlier with what it looked like a Seer/Telekinetics hybrid Jedi Sage. Just wondering if there are more hybrids out there? Because it was the first time I saw one. I've seen Balance/Seer hybrids before (usually in PvP) but a TK/Seer hybrid not before today.


Seer hybrids aren't good at all. Healing costs too much and DPS'ing keeps you from healing. They are only good in PvP where the short fight allow you to neglect energymanagement a little.... And even then, they suck. THeir only grace is that they are classed as DPS, so in ranked they will only get DPS against them.


TK/Balance is a fairly good hybrid as far as AoE and mobility goes and does about as much damage in single target than full TK.


But all this discussion is moot since hybrids are going away in less than four weeks.

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