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In Love with this game!


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I felt like I should make a positive comment towards the game after seeing so many negative feedback comments over the last several days.. I urge other players who agree to bump this post and add their own comments we need some positive posts out there on the webpage!


This game *********** rocks! After playing WoW, and trying AOC and Aion this is the first game I have been interested in after a long break from gaming in the MMO circle.


Normally story line RPG's would bore me but after playing this game for several days I find myself more and more sucked in. It is not your average MMO it does have all the key aspects but I do not find it boring or repetitive..and at first I thought I would. I assumed after my first character the story line would get old, but each class has its own story line and this makes it interesting each time. I also love how this game has so many unique aspects like dialog, crafting, space ships, light sabers etc that make it, its own MMO and not just a cheap try hard copy cat.


To all those people saying they will quit because of bugs, content etc...


Yes there are plenty of glitch's and bugs in the game so far which is to be expected on its first several days of launch. Hell all the other MMO's I have played have always had bugs, glitch's and most don't have any end-game content, so I say this game this game was far better developed than many others before it.


May the force be with you! Thanks to BioWare and EA for making such a great game!

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I'll post a point I made a few minutes ago before the slammed the door on my thread. Which by the way, they should have because it was filled with me essentially troll/flame baiting the people making the negative statements.


I'll make a few statements of my own.


Game is pwnsauce. End of Discussion.


Certain bugs will ONLY present themselves AFTER launch and you have true primetime numbers to consider. Lrn2patience plox.


Combat log, please and thank you devs. Min-Maxing is difficult without it.


Take space off rails. My biggest and probably ONLY complaint. The system that is in place for parts works just fine. The RE system of SWG meant that if you had the uber-est of pre-nerf parts your skill almost didn't matter and if you WERE pro you were nigh unstoppable. If everyone has the SAME parts then skill is the only determining factor. As for how you'll accomplish making it free-roam, I don't know. But I can tell you that that would make space absolutely INCREDIBLE. I can guarantee you that the 42nd Fighter Wing from Starsider would give TOR a shot if you did.


TL;DR - Game wins hardcore. Rocks your face off all night long. Pay attention please, and you'll see it.


EDIT: Ignore the off topic parts. Point was that I agree with the OP 100%. Questing is awesome, though my god there's a ******** of it to do.

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