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"Gray" items


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They exist, but they are not strictly restricted to neutral characters.

1. Adaptive gear.

2. Matrix Cube that you can use until you get the endgame relics.


3. relics for levels 25, 35, and 45 from the THORN vendor as well. Granted, first you need to earn a certain reputation with THORN while the Rakghoul event is running.


Anyway, yeah, we have options that are "neutral" in the sense that they just simply don't have alignment requirements. A system that enforces "neutral" as its own distinct alignment would require some changes to the way the system currently works.


As it has been working:

* Light / Dark alignment is determined from the difference in your light and dark points and which you have more of. The only time you're ever really neutral is when those balance each other out perfectly. (edit: Or is it the entire range of under 2k that's neutral? I forget where they start counting it as light or dark.)

* 10,000 is maximum. Hitting 10,000 dark and gaining more dark side points will subtract from your light side points. Hitting 10,000 light and gaining more light side points will subtract from your dark side points.

* 0 is minimum. Light or dark points can never drop below 0.


A light / neutral / dark system might function more like this:

* Light alignment and Dark alignment are rated independent of each other. (Example: You have 2k light points and 6k dark points so you qualify for both Light II and Dark IV.) Neutral alignment is rated as a sum of the overlapping light / dark points. (So in that example, it would be 2k + 2k = 4k -> Neutral III.) Character's actual alignment is said to be highest of those three ratings. (So it's Dark IV in this case.)

* Alternate example: You have 2345 light points (Light II) and 3456 dark points (Dark II). That's 2345 + 2345 = 4690 neutral points (Neutral III). So the character would be Neutral III.

* Alternate example: You have 1500 light points (Light I) and 2000 dark points (Dark II). That's 1500 + 1500 = 3000 neutral points (Neutral II). Since Neutral and Dark are both rated at 2 here we use the exact points in each as a tiebreaker. (Note: Favor neutral if that's a tie as well.) 3k > 2k so the character would be Neutral II.

* System would have to build both positive and negative gains for light and dark directly into the decisions throughout the game instead of waiting until one is at 10k to start erasing the other points. The minimum of 0 and the maximum of 10k would still be used though.


As you can see though, that can get kind of complicated. It also means more fracturing of gear availability and a ton of borderline cases where someone could render their alignment restricted gear unusable because of one decision bumping them into a different alignment.

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