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  1. This option should be available next to xp bar as many people were not even aware of the existence of white acute module when x12 was launched. Increases XP should be optional as not everyone tries to reach the highest level asap.
  2. @JattaGin Game time cards give subscription... the only difference is that you buy your subscription with physical codes.
  3. SoR received hate at its release but in hindsight it was a better expansion than KotFE. We received improved cutscenes with KotFE but that's about it. In anything else SoR wins and that expansion kept my guild alive doing new operations regularly and flashpoints for fun. I bet it's not a surprise for you if I say that the guild shortly died after KotFE was released.
  4. Premium/Subscriber were always interchangeable in MMOs. They are the same. However Bioware's playerbase are mostly people who have little to do with MMOs, so I understand your confusion. The decision to make this change is irrational to me as threads like this one will pop up like mushrooms.
  5. Dear Eric, I know that you are now making a simple distinction between players as in: Subscriber = premium player Anyone else = player Premium/Subscriber were always interchangeable in MMOs. However, those who are not much knowledgeable on SWTOR/MMO topic will get confused because preferred status is still out there and they both sound alike. Your main target is a casual playerbase and this thread is proof that it causes a lot of confusion for them. Just drop preferred status and unify it with f2p. Keep a simple distinction between premium and non-premium. Subscriber was a straightforward term while premium and preferred can't co-exist as names unless you want to see regular topics asking for assistance with regard to statuses.
  6. You what? You are supposed to receive an email and use the code you have there in the game to validate your account. If it doesn't arrive, try to change your email.
  7. You can't summon a group member to your instance?
  8. No. I was actually fighting against God Mode and I was also here one of the most active defenders of the level sync feature. But Heroics don't require any tweaking. They are at a fine place right now. They are slighlty challenging for new players that are on the appropriate level for the planet. For veterans everything will be easy on low level planets. Increasing difficulty on them will only affect newcomers and it won't be a positive outcome. Changing the difficulty of heroics is not the proper solution. Gating them behind 4man group or at least 3man would be stupid since it didn't work out previously. Now there is a great incentive to do heroics but that doesn't change the fact that getting more people is time-consuming and you are not guaranteed that your group will actually be full because someone else might be grouping too. Nerfing a bit our companions in the heal stance when it increases with each influence level is the right solution but it needs to be done correctly and well balanced.
  9. You can ask them to freeze your subscription time. After the patch that fixes this bug you can come back and ask them to reactivate your subscription.
  10. I would say not something but someone is idiotic here. And it's certainly not the tutorial that can be declined by just clicking X.
  11. Senya, because she threw me away like a ragdoll, and I like being dominated by mature women
  12. New maps. Because it's boring to play the same maps for the last 2 years I've been playing... so now I don't.
  13. They probably send that gear to the character they actually play regularly. That's just plain stupid. They actually lose more than gain since XP gain in operations is huge and they surely get 61 in the middle of run, so after the removal of that character they don't get back a token.
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