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What I would love to see on cartel market, and I would spend CC for it


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Good day!


I would like to suggest, to enable a customization content, to use the mirrored school's weapon arsenal and skill animation - by cartel market. I would pay for it! :cool:


- I would love to use some of the operative's weapon options and skill animations as a scoundrel.

- Would be nice to use sorc's lighting vs telekinetic throw like a sage.

And so on...


I'm 100% sure, that a bunch of players would use this cartel market item, and the dev team don't even have to work on new animations, just copy the existing ones.

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Wont happen.


It would destroy a key part of the game simply because cinematic would be fantastically wrong. Scenes which rely on specific items or abilities would look wrong. Easiest example: A consular using TK to lift someone out of harm is not going to look right if you normally shoot lightning.


Personally, I do not really care and would support more equipment variation choices but if Bioware cannot even be bothered to fix Droid equipment or tech staff issues then I do not see them revamping skills / weapons in general.


I dare you to prove me wrong Bioware.

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