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Multi-role impside player lf casual ops/FPs guild


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Hi all,


Since you can't swing a dead nexu without hitting a bunch of dps in queue, I'd like to find a small to medium sized guild that consistently runs SM and maybe even HM ops.


I have a powertech tank and a sniper dps. The latter is in 168s and I'm fluent in his rotation and have done most ops so far at least once (well... maybe not EC lol). The former's in 156s and I'm decent, I just haven't had consistent practice with a single group. Also have an unused assassin that I can dps with and would gladly learn to tank with from someone who knows what they're doing. Currently leveling a sorc healer and an operative healer, and have a sage healer pubside so I know how the sorc will function.


I am friendly, if a little sarcastic, and will run pretty much anything a million times for decoration drops (can't fight pubs if u don't got a sweet flat amirite?). I will even do PVP. I'm consistently available Friday nights and weekends, and sporadically available on other weeknights.


Help me, Guild-Recruitment Kenobi. You're my only hope!

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