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Possible to get level 55 gear/mods/augments without doing flashpoints or operations?


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Depends on what gear you are looking for and how long you want to take.


I got the elite gear on my sage without doing hardmode flashpoints or operations on mods but that took awhile and that was due to the fact of my play schedule as my guild members would have taken me on hard modes but I was under very limited time restraints. I did Makeb to to get the elite comms but it only gives you 12 per week if you do the Makeb weekly and then you can do Oricon weekly.


CZ weekly requires the two flashpoints for the weekly, but you can do the tacticals instead of the hard mode of those if you prefer.


Augments are actually something you have to purchase or make.


Ultimate or 180 gear is normally got with the ultimate comms which are with the hard mode and operations missions or if you have about 2m per armor mod, modifications or enchancement you can get them from the GTN but 2m is the cheapest I notice they sell for.

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You can get basic comms from weekly/dailies. That will get you level 55 gear that's 162 rated.


As said above, some of those weeklies will also give out elite comms - for 168 rated gear. But just doing weeklies for the elite comms it's going to take a long time to get even one piece of elite gear that way.

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