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Normalize account unlock costs.


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So anyone that has spent cartel coins to unlock a cartel item for their account may have noticed that the pricing for account unlocking can be really REALLY random. For someone simply unlocking one or two items it may not be so bothersome but for anyone who is unlocking a larger amount of items for their account it's a real eyesore and a pain in posterior. Here are some examples of inexplicable cost diversity, looking at them gives me a seriously sour taste.

Titles (Neither one is all that cool a title):

-Starfighter's Collector 200cc

-Cartel Collector 60cc


Color Crystals (Both are a bit dull in color share the same stats):

-Advanced Blue Outline Hawkeye Crystal 200cc

-Advanced Gold Core Hawkeye Crystal 400cc



-Clawbird Kick 60cc

-What's Up 2 200cc


Moods (Pay to Rage):

Crying 60cc

Enraged 200cc


Some suggestions for pricing in my opinion...

Really it's a simple theme, my main suggestion is one item type one price to account unlock.


-Drop all titles to 50cc

- Standardize all color crystals at 200cc since they've been payed for by someone already if not the same person unlocking them.

-Drop all emotes to 50cc, they rarely get used anyway.

-Standardize moods at 100cc.

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