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  1. What of the scoundrel/ops who can simply scamper through the traps unharmed, or the sorcs/tanks that can simply walk through or bubble through them? What of the sorcs who can simply put up their bubble last second in the 4v4 match overtime? Personally I think that poison gas should remove the immunity bubble . The traps and poison gas in warzones need some adjustments and buffing. Yes it sucks getting knocked or pulled into them but it sucks more that you can be knocked or pulled into them on some classes while others can completely ignore them as if they weren't even there.
  2. I myself have gotten the impression that they released hairstyles and eye colors as race specific just hoping that if they wait long enough people will want it on another race bad enough to forget all about how much they'd already paid for it before or that it's only for one race. The whole way the free to play and purchasable cartel items are worked on this game is why I can't get any friends to play. Even the ones who had pre-orders.
  3. Mercs did have a more interesting animation, it has gone unchanged for commandos. Shoots a steady giant green beam (HELLO WORLD LOOK I'M A HEALER BEAM) and has silly recoil as if you were firing large rounds out of it.
  4. Streamlined UI with less impact on systems I'm for, alternative interface for those that dislike the current sure. However I never want to see addons/macros in this game like WoW. It leads to things that are borderline or over the border cheating under the protection of "anyone could download it" addons. For example addons that read out the opponent's GCDs and unique CDs, etc etc. Another example would be a macro that casts partial or full rotations for a player or a hybrid of addon/macro that reacts to a condition in game for the player. Things like this no player should have access to.
  5. I've only seen a very small percentage of players actually show interest in the cybernetics cartel armor. The drop rate in cartel packs is so high and the demand so low that you can't even give them away or sell them to a vendor. It seems like every single pack that comes out has a cybernetic armor set that just barely varies from the last to where I often can't even tell them apart. This may be due to my lack of interest in them but do we really need one for every single release? Just make a large set of them then sell it as a pack that they can pick and choose from on the cartel market that unlocks to their account so they can mix/match as they please without having this type of item spamming the cartel packs.
  6. I'm not sure there's room enough for this in the operations frames currently, it's impossible to identify debuffs/buffs in ops frames as is. I've updated my original post with what I had in mind, I would have mentioned a color flash but as some people are color blind I thought that may be problematic. As for no CD on cleanses many of them have had additional effects added based on class choices or utility choices that could get screwy with no GCD. For example there's a utility for troopers that upon using the cleanse the trooper gets I believe it's 6 seconds of 30% dot damage reduction. I would have to double check but I'm not in game right now getting ready to head out.
  7. Simply put, there is so much going on between overly flamboyant visuals, health bars dropping, and dps/tanks doing their thing to really be able to see who is stunned most times. Stuns more than anywhere else are a huge issue in PVP, this game has more downtime being stunned and CC'd than any other game I've played. I personally play the role of healer a lot and will go into PVP in a supportive role but even there it's very difficult to "cleanse" stuns when I'm not being attacked by the entire enemy team. The sole reason being even when I am able to identify a player who is stunned it's usually impossible to help them because: 1: The effects spam & flamboyant sizes are blocking their name from being read and I don't know whom to click on the operations frame, additionally the ops frame is too small to determine who is stunned and who isn't. (making it any larger becomes an intrusion on the screen and harmful to gameplay.) 2: I can't click on the player directly because their model is blocked by visual effects and enemy players. 3: If I have not already identified them visually by their model in game there is no way to know they are stunned via the ops frame as per mentioned in reason 1. 4: The only times I can get around this is if I'm on TS with a other guild players whom I can cleanse or be cleansed by, however TS is not a valid excuse for bad design/planning in the game. THE SOLUTION: Add a clear and unmistakable effect to operations frames that identifies a player as incapacitated by CC/Stun. Something like a unique lightning bolt or perhaps the player's frame would dim and brighten. This will allow other players to readily identify and aid their team mates who are incapacitated. This may also encourage more people to use their cleanse abilities.
  8. As my previous post said in response to the thread's poster often it's not so much the guild size but the select few team players that gravitate toward a larger guild because it can support them a lot and they can give back as well. While your idea of averaging it out seems like a good idea it can go south one of two ways. 1: It may easily be bypassed in one step because these few players who personally grind out millions of conquest would simply distribute the materials through the guild to produce a higher average still bringing them to the top. 2: Conversely a small guild with the same types of players could grind out the exact same amount as a larger guild but because the larger guild would have to distribute materials/conquest across a larger player base their average would be significantly lower resulting in a role swap where in small guilds will always have the advantage. The conclusion of these two possibilities is that basing conquest on average points earned would create a worse situation than present forcing guilds to shrink and deny content access or stay the same with no changes despite averaging conquest. I would also add that this would put extreme emphasis on playing only one character or grinding heavily on any character you want to play burning people out on the game. The fact of the matter is you can't do any high end content without getting some conquest points. The only fix to that would be making conquest based on account not character but people have different characters in different guilds for pve/pvp sometimes or based on faction. My guild is active on republic but not on empire so if I want to be active on the empire I'd have to have a character in an active and competing guild. You see the problem there.
  9. It's not just a matter of guild size, it typically falls on a small % of a large guild that happen to put a lot into conquest. My characters happen to be in a large and very cooperative/friendly guild. Members are not merely spam invited in fleet like some of the large guilds. While many of us will put in for conquest we may only do so on one or two characters while there are a select few players who will by themselves put in half a million to a million or more conquest points in a week. The real benefit that these larger guilds have are that they are generally more attractive to the types of players which will grind out high amounts of conquest than a small guild because of the access to content due to more people being available to run organized PVE and PVP content or that will help them farm materials for their conquest grind or money making. For example going into a heroic area and grinding the mobs for materials for a profession to sell or use in crafting for conquest. In summary, it's not so much the guild is big but that the guild has unique individuals who are willing and aided in grinding out millions of conquest personally for the benefit of the guild. These are the types of players who read guides, farm materials and dailies, work the market, and are serious team players not to be taken lightly or neglected for their contributions.
  10. Mayhaps it has something to do with one being a shadow (which can tank) and one being a pure dps class. That's just my guess. Also pvp gear > pve always in warzones.
  11. In a time where many games have begun toning down ability visual effects.... in order to keep screens cleaner and reduce lag . Why has BW decided to increase the visual effect sizes, glows, etc making for a cluster of particles and effects in fights? They want us to cleanse stunned players and fight cooperatively but it can easily get to a state where you can't even see the players in larger fights and group on group pvp action. BW it's time to start learning from the mistakes of other games. Just because you want to try to stand out and make your own choices and game doesn't mean you should do the complete opposite of what other stable and well off games are doing every chance you get. You can follow trends in game improvements while still doing your own things elsewhere. It's hard enough to get people to play with a free to play model that resembles a phone game, but all these mistakes you're making that you could avoid aren't helping either.
  12. Time and time again, you don't read it and you don't take a moment to think about what I've said At this point I'm just going to be ignoring you, thanks for all the bumps.
  13. You didn't read anything I'd written yet again did you? None of the suggestions I've made wether they follow your idea of the way disciplines, trees, utilities etc work would break anything. In no way would what I've suggested be game breaking or unbalance things. With the latter suggestion which meets further in the middle to make both sides happy dps would continue to use medshot as hammershot would still require support cell to have its healing effect. It would be ineffective for them to swap in and out of support cell to use hammershot heals and make doing so undesirable. As for healers they would be able to use either but both have t he same CD/time and effect so it doesn't really matter which they chose to use in terms of balance. What it breaks down to is those who like a streamlined combo ability and are capable of using self target can do so where as others such as yourself can use medshot instead. If you are still concerned about the HOT having a chance to crit on ticks that could be made into a single heal effect like medshot. Really this is not rocket science and you are just flaming this thread, my suggestions have been sound and reasonable and I have been more than happy to try to appease both sides as the "discussion" has gone on while you have just been sitting there saying no over and over again without really providing a strong basis of reason other than that you don't think the system can support it when it's more than capable as it has already been. Disciplines while a large change has not really changed much, the disciplines merely represent skill progression as you level up, while the utilities are the new talent condensed talent trees. The discipline tree merely gives you information to read about your advanced class choice's effects and abilities. You could in essence consider it a manual to abilities you would be training from your class trainer where as at certain levels the abilities are gained or improved upon.
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