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Here's a few ideas...


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1) Ability to Marry other players with a semi-detailed wedding at a stronghold maybe...

2) Ability to move your decoration hooks where you wish and add new ones

3) Crossover expansion, ability to chose to switch sides from republic to empire or vice versa by a certain level

4) Pazaak gaming

5) Ability to click the chairs in your stronghold to sit down

6) Multiclassing


These are all things I would like to see added and would very much improve the gaming experience in my eyes

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I love it. In addition, I'd like to see:


1. An option to "never flag for pvp" for those of us that just want the PvE experience outside of warzones on PvE servers. I'm really tired of getting flagged by someone else (who probably likes PvP) and then getting attacked by other players. I'd have joined a PvP server, if I wanted to do PvP. I'd like to be able to heal group members that are flagged while we're running a PvE heroic, but if I do I'll get flagged. This seriously takes the fun out of it for me.

2. More granular "ignore group requests" feature. For instance "only allow group requests from: Friendslist" or "Friendslist and Guildmates" or "The following individuals". Sometimes, when I'm really hounded by someone with group request (and ignore them) they log an alt and hound me some more. This would be far easier to deal with if I could whitelist rather than just ignore everybody.

3. Temporary alliances with the opposite faction (and don't say this is not feasible because the class quests FREQUENTLY have you working with the opposite faction when your goals align). Allow tells and group talk with whomever is in the group, regardless of faction, and no flagging for PvP or backstabbing.

4. Add a re-roll for loot in your inventory to the group. I've seen someone frequently click need, on accident, while fighting is going on. While they usually offer it back up to the group for whomever wants it, it'd be fairer to add a RNG where you can right click on an item you looted (say, within the last 5 minutes), and "reroll" for it, which puts it back up in the loot roll again on every group member's screen.

5. A cross-thread search on the forums. Sure, once you open a thread, you can search within that one thread, but cross-thread would be much more useful and helpful, particularly when looking for content where you have NO idea where it might be found (which is me most of the time). Browsing 2000+ threads is too time consuming, and I just give up and go do something else.





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how would I understand your first point?

Shall both players than have access to each others funds/legacy storage?

What about divorce?

What about unbalanced relationships?


You have to consider all of this if you suggest a marriage option.^^

On a more serious note, this is a fictional universe, why would you want every aspect of human life in a galaxy far far away??


While I can sign your 5th point wholeheartedly, I can't wrap my head around 4 and 6... and for 2 well, you can change the hooks, and they are more than enough I think....


There is a workaround for 5: "/chair" works to sit down, but it would be easier to click on a couch, bed, chair to let the character sit/lay down, etc I grant you that.


As for the crossover - I support that theorethically. Practically, would you know how M1-4X, Aric Jorgan and Elara Dorne would react if you desert with the trooper? - You'd be dead (or detained) in a second. Same goes for other companions. - The only crossover I would have liked to see is the Imperial agent that is a real double agent and works for SIS...)



/signed all of them :)

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