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  1. Okay, so as I was playing my Operative on Nar Shaddaa, I had just gotten to the Upper Industrial Sector, and updated the World Quest to get Blackout Mission from General Kolvin, when I noticed that there was another quest in the room, which there had never been since the beginning of the game. Inside of this one room, there had only been that one Quest Giver, General Kolvin. So I picked up the mission "Bidding War" from Factor Jarvus, so I'm thinking "Okay, maybe they've moved him into here". However, when I exited the room, and went to left/right down the hallway of the Main Production Boulevard, low & behold, there be Factor Jarvus, standing in the exact same spot he'd been standing in since the beginning of the game. Standing across the way from the Heroic Mission Giver, Skav Mora.
  2. The problem with that is that, Neverwinter Nights Series [not counting the 1991 AOL MMORPG, Neverwinter Nights which wasn't created by BW] is that is was a BW Creation. TOR isn't and BioWare has even gone on record as saying that while they do have some leeway, they still have to run everything by LA/Disney. So, in order for BioWare to take complete Player Written Stories and put them into the game, the PWS's would have to be cleared by LA/Disney which could potentially cause a lot of the Player Base to get upset if their Stories get rejected. Not to mention, I could just imagine the "problems" that some of the Player Base would try to get added into the Game. Sure there would be some who would write Legit Star Wars Stories, but in all honesty, for every Legit Story there will always be a Trolling Story.
  3. Ages (approx) of Current Female Companions at the time we acquire them: Nadia Grell - ~22 Years Old [born 3664 bby] , not much known on her Species (Sarkhai) as it relates to # of Years of Child - Teenager - Adult - Elder compared to that of Earth Terminology. Kira Carsen - ~21 Years Old [born 3663 bby], her Species is that of Human, so in theory, Star Wars Humans Child/Teen/Adult/etc is similar to that of Earth. Risha Drayen - ~22 Years Old [born 3664 bby], also Human. Akaavi Spar - ~ 28 Years Old [born 3670 bby], her Species is that of a Zabrak and only thing currently known about Child/Teen/etc stuff is that Zabrak's grow their horns grew at puberty in varying patterns and signified that the time of their rite of passage was drawing near. Elara Dorne - ~27 Years Old [born 3669 bby], also Human. Ashara Zavros - ~20 Years Old [born 3662 bby], her Species is that of a Togruta and Young Togrutas' montrals and posterior head-tail did not fully grow until adolescence, when their montrals become curved and their third head-tail grew to the length of their two main head-tails. Vette - ~22 Years Old [born 3664 bby], her Species is that of a Twi'lek (Rutian), and I can't remember how their Species breaks it down. Jaesa Willsaam - ~22 Years Old [born 3664 bby], also Human. Kaliyo Djannis - ~30 Years Old [born c.3672 bby], she is a Rattataki, and there isn't much known as to how their Species breaks it down. Raina Temple - ~24 Years Old [born 3666 bby], also Human. Mako - ~18 Years Old [born 3660 bby], Human/Cyborg/Clone(?). Lana Beniko - ~Unknown, but she is a Human. Senya Tirall - ~Unknown, but she too is a Human.
  4. There is a difference between writing it into a Story, which is completely controlled between the Author & Publisher, and incorporating it into an Online Game.
  5. @OP - The Scanner says that it's range is 15 m, do NOT scan then move 15 m as you are hindering yourself. |-------x-------| = 15 m [x = Player] \-------o|-------x\-------| = [0 = player's first scan location, x = player] do NOT do this because you are still scanning 7.5 m of already scanned area. \-------0-------\|-------x-------| = do THIS. Scan the 15 m range, then move 30 m so that your new scan covers a new 15 section without any overlap.
  6. I'd laugh if Jadus turned out to be related to Valkarian.
  7. I know that since launch, I have ALWAYS wanted to explore that crashed ship in the distance on Ord Mantell. For Hutta, it would be cool if we got a few missions that took us to another Hutt's Palace. Tython & Korriban are too obvious as to what could be added. Temples & such. Somewhat pointless to expand some of the later worlds (CZ-198, Makaab, Oricon, Rishi, and Zoist) but a couple would be perfect like Manaan and to an extent Yavin IV. Others, would need some heavy/serious thought like Alderaan. Balmorra has a much better/richer background that they could delve into, such as visiting the grounds where the conflict known as the Hundred-Year Darkness was fought. Not sure what could be added really to Belsavis, sure there's the obvious of exploring more of what the Rakata did there, but would that really be wise (from an "In Character" view). With Corellia, what else could they add, sure they could add missions or whatever that would have us go further into the Enclave of the Green Jedi, but not sure if that would truly be "worth it" in the long run. Coruscant is another one that would be considered obvious and having a great deal of background that could be delved into. Kaas falls in the same category as Coruscant. Not sure what could be added to Hoth to be honest, that would fit in the time period. With Ilum, there's the obvious of potential Jedi Enclaves. With Taris, what all could they introduce without heavily/further altering the course of events, cause yeah, there is the Muur Talisman which brought about the Rakghoul but that wouldn't get rediscovered until far after the time of the Galactic Empire, granted that has become part of the Legend side of Canon, still I'm not sure how Star Wars Fan(atics) would appreciate that being changed further. With Tatooine, what exactly could they add that would expand Tatooine, that would be welcomed? With Quesh, since it is a TOR Created [ie didn't exist prior to TOR] World, they could expand on it without causing too much harm. As for the moon, Nar Shaddaa, it is pretty obvious as to what could be added, KOTOR 2 Stuff for instance. With Voss, it is the same as Tatooine.
  8. Not to mention, BW/EA would have to get approval from LA, more specifically, DISNEY before they make changes like adding in the new Lightsaber Design.
  9. The only Special Crystal Vendor I ever remember seeing, are the one on the respective Fleets.
  10. Only Smugglers and Pirates are not the same thing. That's like saying Ninjas and Samurai are the same thing. Smugglers smuggles stuff from point A to point B. Pirates just steal stuff and keep it for themselves. Smugglers and Pirates hate each other as Pirates makes Smuggler's life difficult at times. ======================= http://www.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_difference_between_a_smuggler_and_a_pirate pirates illegally attack and raid ships for either hostages, money or valuable items. or any combination of the above. Some are very dangerous as they may suffer from mental problems where they are obssessed with killing/ violence. Some of the extremely dangerous hostage takers do not have demands. this means a peaceful negotiation cannot be achieved easily. Smugglers however, do not attack or raid ships. They instead take say... a rifle and "smuggle" it through an airport, across a boarder or even into a museum so that the client who pays them to do this can pick it up on the other side so to speak. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Smuggler A smuggler, also known by the euphemism free trader,[1] was someone who engaged in the clandestine shipment of goods or people to prevent taxation or some other impediment. The goods shipped were often highly illegal or banned in some sectors. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Pirate The term pirate referred to the variety of rogues that were scattered across the galaxy who would attack, rob or commandeer ships as they saw fit. Also, Bounty Hunters are not Slavers. Some may be, but not every Bounty Hunter is a Slaver.
  11. Once you figure out that when you scan the area, the radius is always 15m away from you in every direction essentially like this: (--------^--------). So when you scan, then move 15m in front of you, you really just do this: |--------(--------^|--------) What you need to do is scan, then move 30m in front of you, like this: (--------^--------)(--------^--------) That way, each Scan you do doesn't overlap with the previous Scan you did. If you have friends you play with, then simply spread you and each friend, 30m apart from each other, that way, you'd cover more ground. But if you are doing the Scan's on your own, then remember to move 30m after each Scan and not 15m so that way you don't overlap each subsequent Scan. Legend: ^ = Player (--------^--------) = 15m with Player in the center of the Scan Radius (-----------------) = 15m Scan Radius without the Player. |--------(--------^|--------) = Player Scanned, then moved 15m causing an overlap with the previous Scan. (--------^--------)(--------^--------) = Player Scanned, then moved 30m so the next Scan had NO overlap. (--------^| = The 15m overlap between two Scans done incorrectly.
  12. Not sure about the newer Companions but: Majority of them do have Favorite Gifts, and the ones that don't have 2 or 3 that they Love. http://dulfy.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/swtor-classic-companions-gifts-empire1.jpg http://dulfy.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/swtor-classic-companions-gifts-republic1.jpg All Companions have at least 1 Favorite &/or 1 Love Gift. Use the above charts (for the original set of Companions) to get the Items your Companions loves or are their favorites.
  13. Rodian and Mon Cals would have more then just their head as problems. Wookiee would suffer not just from Voice Issues but also Gear Issues. Ithorians mixture of both. Ultimately, it isn't just a Voice issue, they also have to be able to wear 90ish % of the equipment. Tagruta got away with it by having the Hide Head Slot/Hood automatically & always active.
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