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Clean up PVE/PVP Gear Sets, reduce the BS, clutter, and confusion.


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It's a simple thing, a very very simple thing that nearly every single MMO out there manages to miss and complicate. Class/talent specific gear sets be they PVE or PVP are more often than not given less than obvious differences in stats and names that have been chosen for the most part simply by what sounds cool at the time. Is there really any good reason to not name sets to their appropriate advanced classes or roles? Let's make these names clearer toward their main attribute or at least let the players sort the vendor down to individual armor sets so they can add up every stat in all four sets just so they can compare and pick a set to do pvp in. (Which is just ridiculous.)


Let's look at an example of what I'm talking about, let's take the smuggler class and look at some level 55 pieces, note that only the Field Medic hints at which advanced class / talent tree it falls under and that the other that differs is the Enforcer's however the other two share the exact same set bonuses. The pattern shown here carries through to other set items. (Sorry that I originally said the three were the same my UI tooltip stuck between sets when I first checked.)



Obroan Field Medic's Suit:--------------156------------144---------150---------0-----------68-----------71----------0

Obroan Professional's Jacket:---------156------------144---------150---------0-----------68-----------71----------0

Obroan Enforcer's Jacket:--------------156-------------144---------150--------71----------68----------- 0-----------0

Obroan Field Tech's Jacket:----------- 156-------------144---------150--------71----------68-----------0-----------0


So looking at this you can figure at least one of the sets out, the healer role and by the looks of it the rest you can go either way but if you look at another piece let's say the bracers and belts... (Bracers/Belts share the same stats.)



Obroan Field Medic's Belt:---------------112-----------131----------109---------49

Obroan Professional's Belt:-------------117-----------144----------109---------27

Obroan Enforcer's Belt:-------------------112-----------131----------109---------------------------------49

Obroan Field Tech's belt:----------------- 117-----------144----------109--------------------------------27


Now these are not tied to the set bonuses but does this diversity seem excessive and redundant to you because it does to me. I mean really this just seems an absurd attempt to make people think they have a choice when there really isn't one.

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