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Net Neutrality - US players, READ and ACT


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as you might know, there is an insidious plot to destroy Net Neutrality forming in the USA, where ISPs are planning on slowing down your Internet connections, while charging you extra to get whatever speed you have now. More so, they are planning on charging you extra based on what service you are using (so thing like Facebook, Netflix, and whatever crosses their minds will cost extra). This could potentially lead to certain sites being slowed to such measures they would not even load, effectively censoring them.


If you are living in USA, there is something you can do about it. Contact your Congressman and Representatives, and ask them to support freedom of speech and keeping the Internet free.


Some videos and websites explaining what Net Neutrality is and what can US citizens do to keep it as it was meant to be.


For us living in the EU, we cannot do anything but to ask any friends living in United States to visit these links and contact their elected representatives.


Thank you for your time, and let's keep the Internet free, as it was meant to be.

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I don't know much EU law, but I take it there is a negative consequence on the EU if the U.S. were to pass such laws? Just curious. Appreciate awareness.


Lot of stuff you connect to from Europe is based in USA. Unless the owners of these servers were willing to pay the higher fee, the connection to them could potentially also get slowed down. So yes, it would probably affect us in EU as well.

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