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  1. Same here. If you completed all the variants of the previous quests (Blue and Purple), they will just call you their "prime benefactor" and send you on your way.
  2. I feel like this could cause a massive clusterfrak of plot flags getting messed up. Probably would require complete rollback to that point in story. Assume you completed Ruhnuk, but rollback to KOTET 6, you would need to do everything from that point again.
  3. TBH, probably the easiest way out for new class origin would be something like "Zakuulan Exile", aping something like what WoW did with Undead Knights (skip the "story until now") You were participating in the early raids led by Arcann/Thexan, either as a knight (for Force classes) or soldier (for tech classes) and somehow become pretty distinguished. But then you got captured by Imperials with great disgrace (shamefur dispray), and Marr brought you as an informant on his hunt for Vitiate. KOTFE+ story rolls on as usual, and at Chapter 9, you pick a faction. Though that would be a bit pointless I assume...
  4. The "its homage to KOTOR, seriously, guys" always sounded (at least to me, after experiencing it in game) very much like your typical management/marketing bollocks to try to paint the situation better than it is. I think it is pretty clear they needed to save cash on "side stories", so they did. Later on, they got hit by the VA strike of 16/17, so it got applied to more content. But, TBH, I don't really care about having 5 ways to "say" yes, 5 ways to "say" no, and 7 to "say" "no, but actually yes". I would much rather take 3 voiced lines, one for each. I will fully admit to getting spoiled in that regard by Mass Effect in 2008 (and, technically speaking, the "wheel" could have up to 6 options at once (or 5 + [investigate])
  5. Well, I wasn't really looking at it from the POV of getting easy CQ points. In that regard, you are correct GSF is very over-represented. I would be open to BW reducing the amount of dailies needed to get ground PvP weekly from current 4 to 3 (I think 2 like GSF would be very low). However, I rarely see specific people being harassed even in gPvP (Darth Malgus server). It happens from time to time, sure, but it is rather rare (I would say like maybe 1 in 10 games I am in), and some people simply are dicks about perfectly understandable situations (like Sage being mobbed by 3 others not standing much chance). But I maintain that GSF is much less toxic because it doesn't feel like there is really much time to write (my personal feeling from playing quite a bit in the early days of the mode, I do not play it that much anymore after getting the achivements for mastering ships) But given how simple CQ points are (especially during Seasons, when just turning in one Reputation token get you almost half the way to the weekly goal), I do not really see that system as any particular sort of motivation to participate in content for most (but it is entirely possible I am wrong on that)
  6. You can try mailing support@swtor.com, but calling it the easiest way (unless you catch some poorly informed Indian tech support guy on the other side, in which case, it is better to try calling at another time and hope for better result). However, make sure your payment actually went through, it happened to me recently after some EU regulation about bank security went into effect, which started blocking my payments.
  7. Do we honestly really need yet another tier of augments? However, I agree that the interface has been buggy for a really long time, and could use a fix
  8. You already have that. You get points towards conquest/season even when you lose. If you participate at least nominally, walking away without a single medal is rather challenging The number for weekly could be lowered, sure, but it does come to completing 4 dailies (GSF is 2). However, ground PvP tends to be quicker than GSF GSF is IMO less toxic because it is much easier to hide that a player is bad, and does not have clearly visible names on either side. You also do not really have people being funneled into the mode by any proverbial dangling carrot, so it is mostly people who wan to play the mode that play it, rather than randoms who feel like they need to play to get rewards.
  9. So, honest question, how do you imagine this would actually work? Would you prevent people from same guild who happen to be solo-queueing at the same time to be placed in the same match? What about players who do happen to be friends, but are in different guilds but on same voice chat just chilling and playing their favorite videogame, each doing their own thing, but waiting for PvP n solo queue? The solo queue already should not group you against people who queued as even a partial group I sympathize, playing against team that knows what they are doing can suck, and some maps suck (like Huttball/Voidstar, where coordination is way more important that raw numbers), but you have not really thought this through...
  10. Just how terrible IS your eyesight? I have no eagle sight (quite the opposite, with procedures done to stabilize degeneration), and I could see everything perfectly in the new FP.
  11. Well, this turnaround is a disappointment. I was looking forwards to having an extra objective for those weeks when I suck at ground PvP more than usual.
  12. All that were available in one day (presumably there are more tied to the story, given the achievements?) No, all could be finished I kinda disliked the "check on workers" mission, it felt a bit dull. But not frustrating or difficult. I like the Shrine of Judgement, the parable about not being hasty and think was interesting Reconstruction Efforts Taming the Wilds Haywire Havoc Contemplate Focus/Illumination/Silence/Mastery Rustle in the Leaves Grumch Crunch Roving Menace He's just a little guy Rest and Restoration Can I Really Keep Him? looks nice, though gathering all the meat needed for the chow is going to be a bit of a slog, I imagine No bugs so far The area looks very nice
  13. The first door took a a moment before I realized that I am carrying the flame (did not see the visual all that well over my big-ol' Sage Columi hat, and the buff got a bit lost in amongs the others (Republic characters have a lot of yellow buffs) Otherwise, hard to say, most Story Mode FPs can be "tank-and-spank"-ed, so hard to comment on difficulty of the mechanics Fine, I spent a lot of time doubling back to check for stuff or look at the scenery Second boss {Corrupted mystics Tem-su and Rada-ki), respawn when ones returns to their zone When fighting The Curse, the "Root of Nightmare" add cannot be targeted GSI Support droid disappears before the final boss If defeated by The Curse (or defeating it) while in the spirit world, the "spirit world" effect (yellow haze around screen) persists until leaving the FP After beating the curse, and dying by jumping into a hole, I respawn at the start, and cannot enter the shrine ares in Halls of Luminescence (the one with the flame "puzzle") I have absolutely no idea where to find the extra flame needed to light the shrine in Collapsing Depths... I tried looking in every nook and cranny I could find, but nothing...
  14. I never had it drop, and I have been playing since the beginning.
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