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Stronghold decorations still missing in 2.10


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Hi Tait !


There is a couple of decorations still missing in the current patch :

  • The class circular signs are nowhere to be found
  • Decal : Recharge Area and Sign : Danger, Keep Out and Watch are not on the prefab droids
  • The voss sculpture (not the sarcophagus) is not found either


Others decorations are reported missing in this thread but I haven't checked all since 2.10


Can we have news about those or have at least the 2.9 known bug post updated ?


Thanks !!

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Still MIA:


- Ship Computers (Rep version, Imp version)

- Generator Nodes (Rep version, Imp version)

- Seeker Droids (Rep version, Imp version)

- Voss Shrine Sculpture from Achievements

- Orbital Power Monitor from KDY

- various signs and posters, everything that has blue background on this this page

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