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Best for PVP: Guardian or sentinel?


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I'm too lazy to answer so I'll quote myself


Guardian is easier. Defense spec is awesome. Vigilance has very good survivavbility, a CC-immunity for 4 seconds after leap. Focus still has good burst but has lost all his AoE punch. There is even a Tank/Vigi hybrid, but I never figured out what it was. Overall, Guardian's DCDs are easier to use and protect more than Sent's ones. Warding Call (tank spec DCD) is nice in every situation. Saber Ward used before a Sniper Ambush or a Mara/Jugg Ravage Is awesome due to its first 3 sec at 100% defense chance. Enure is nice. It basicly give you enough health to finish off your opponent and regen afterward. Focused Defense is simply awesome. A healing DCD without rate limit is just awesome while focused. Guardian also bring some utility through taunts and Intercede.


Sentinel is one of the hardest class to play right now in PvP. Focus Sent isn't that good after GbtF AND Focus nerfs. Combat Sent is awesome but easy to shut down. Just stun it or get out of melee range during his Precision Slash and it hit like a wet noodle. Watchman's DPS need almost 20 sec to set up. And any downtime longer than 22 sec force it to restart from scratch. I don't recommand trying the DoTSweep hybrid. It's still viable if you,re willing to stance dance though. Overall, Sent do more damage than Guardian and still has awesome DCDs. The biggest problem is mostly that our DCDs are easy to counter. Rebuke is nice but if the opposition is smart enough to stun when you pop it and not DoT you before it, it lose his only advantage, 50% uptime. Saber Ward is nice but has a very long CD for not that amazing buff. Force Camo is awesome but it takes skills and knowledge of your opponent rotation to use it properly. GbtF is our 'Oh ****' button... But unlike Guardian we can't survive using it. It's just a last man standing DCD. Pacify is awesome to make a Sniper, Jugg, Mara or Merc miss a core part of their rotation but you need to know said rotation first. Roots and slows will kill a Sent DPS. Only for that, Focus spec is nice since you can use Zealous Leap while rooted. Combat Force Camo breaks root and they can basicly be under a perma-Transcendance. Watchman get the shortest shaft here since a close quarter leap won't help them to fight roots and slows But they are beast to pressure healers with a 12 sec CD close quarter leap and a 4 sec CD interrupt. Sent brings utility through Inspiration, Transcendance and (for Watchman) Zen. Inspiration give a bonus to DPS every 5 min. Simply awesome and it lines up pretty nicely with Valorous Call. Transcendance boost speed and gives a 10% defense chance. Zen isn't really useful for Combat except for slightly more burst if you can reliably execute your full Precision Slash window which is not that common so using Transcendance every time is more useful for them, especially with Fleetfooted. Focus needs it every 18 seconds to buff Force Sweep so they can't use Transcendance without Valorous Call (so once every 2m30s, the other Call being for Inspiration). Watchman Zen is special. It is needed to maximize their DPS and gives a self heal to the whole group which is awesome. for this reason Valorous Call, baring situationnal use, should be used for either Bloodthirst OR Zen, not Transcendance.



Well... Sent kinda becomes a wall of text :o All in all, Guardian is easier, Sent is harder. Both can perform extremely well in PvP tho.


SO. In term of ease of play I would go

Focus Guardian > Focus Sent > Vigi > Tank > Watchman > Combat

In term of performance at high skill level, I would say

Combat = Watchman > Vigi = Tank > Focus Sent > Focus Guardian

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just play the best class at pvp bro, or the best fotm...you sound like the type who wants the best class that is fotm! skille dplayers make both classes better. if you have no skills stick to what your playing, sents arent easy pesy, so maybe go with sniper ...rofl, love the which class is best threads! always nice to pick class thats best...oh ya..pick guardian vig spec, its easymode and godmode at, youll get your no skill second life so you think your great when win....
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