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stronghold walls & lighting


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The walls need more stuff i.e. poster like swtor,swRotHC,swGSF and swStH ... you could use even moves poster A new hope or any other star wars covers on books that has high level of art work , it's all the same things at the moment and you might want to even wallpaper it if your that mad !!!

We could have trooper poster "the republic needs you" or a sith warrior "death to the anarcky of the repubic" propergander...etc.

in some walls you 2 long purple tites together if you had a poster i.e. swTOR in that space or art work.

Lighting can be to big if you are in small place would like to change the layout so that you might be able to us the 9 wee squared box one so that you might have spotlights in the sealing so that its not so cramped felling cause of the massvie light if you wall in the the hanger on tatoonie or the other spaces.

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