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Please revert sab probe changes


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Dear Devs,


Please consider reverting the recent changes to the sabotage probe, the current version is simply not worth using. It has the same lock time as a concussion missile but now does virtually no damage, and the ability to remove the targets engine ability is pointless because the ships that can pack sab probes can't pack another missile to capitalize on the opening. The 50% evasion drop is useful but the sorts of ships that pack that much evasion (battlescouts) are the sort of ships you will rarely if ever hit with a sab probe due to their extreme maneuverability.


If you guys are so set on removing the CC effect of sab probe then please just remove it altogether and give the ships that can currently equip it a refund on their comms along with a new missile. (I would suggest interdiction missiles for the blackbolt and concussions for the battlescout).


Also: when was this change officially made? I've been looking through the patch notes back to 2.8.2 and I couldn't find any mention to it. Was this an accident?

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Sab probe is unchanged.


Several months ago, a bug was introduced on the T5 talent that reduces the target's speed. When this is taken, sab probe no longer locks out movement.


The workaround is to select the other T5 talent (reduced engine regeneration). No workaround is needed for non-mastered sab probes.



The bug is longstanding at this point, and assuredly nonintended.

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