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Stronghold suggestion (weather effects)


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Everybody is asking weather effects in the game and also day/night cycle NOT only strongholds but also in the main planets (actual game)... My suggestions are for strongholds


Weather effects in strongholds


Kaas city :

Raining day (as it is by default)

Foggy day

Clean night sky


Day/night cycle


Tatooine :

Sunny day as it is by default

Sand storms

Day/night *with very clean skies to watch the planets....

Some short of creatures passing by....


Nar Shadaa :


Heavy traffic days (spaceships and stuff)

Light traffic days (spaceships and stuff)


Courasant :

Night/ day


In hollidays you could also implement

Kaas city :

Snowing day/week


Nar Shadaa :

The buildings to have santa/christmas trees decorations NEON lights

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