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Utility "Crafting or Manufacturing droids"- how to use?


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I purchased the entire "Utility pack" with Galactic trade network, mailbox, item modification, etc., and with it came three manufacturing droids. Each makes a separate kind of decoration. Directions state that prestige points are the currency to use these Manufacturing droids, and you can get lots of good stuff from them. Most items require 100 prestige points (this is for a personal stronghold). How do you unlock prestige points to use with these droids? How do you use them at all? Each item has a 1 and then a little symbol representing 100 prestige points. Even though I have several thousand, I can find no way to unlock them. Thus far, the Manufacturing droids have proved useless. How do you use them?


Two other gripes- Why can't you land your personal starship on the stronghold pad if it is a personal stronghold?


Why can't you have all companions in the stronghold just like on your ship?





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Hi there =)


So your mistaken on a couple things. Prestige is earned by adding decorations with right click. The first decoration of a given type yields 100 prestige, all subsequent decos of the same type added will grant +2 prestige each.


You can purchase new decorations from the fabrication droids by using prefabs of which there are three types: Industrial, Synthetic, and Universal. Universal is a combination of all the other prefabs together. These are the "currency" with which you buy decorations.


Your personal starship can be purchased from the fleet PvP and Galactic Starfighter decorations vendor in the strongholds section. It costs 5 dark project mk-1's and 5 Universal MK-3 prefabs (very expensive)


Lastly all your companions should be unlocked and placeable inside your stronghold. If you want companions from another character you will have to log in with them to place. (your active companion will appear as a hologram, all others should be flesh)


Anyways hope this clears stuff up for you (even if it is answers you probably wont like hehe)

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O.K. so I see where you buy the pre-fab kits from the fabrication droids, but I cannot tell with what? There are different tiny coin shapes next to items from each droid. Where do I get them. I still cannot figure out how to convert my first 100 prestige points into coin so I can be a pre-fab kit. SWTOR isn't worth a damn on explaining how things work. They release a new expansion like "Galactic Strongholds", and their FAQ's are not worth squat.
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The currency to purchase items from the fabrication droids are the prefab kits.

Like using credits to buy a stim from a med droid, or using planetary comms to buy armoring.


The three different fabrication droids accept only a certain type of prefab kit.


The Industrial droid only accepts industrial prefab kits.

The Synthetic droid only accepts synthetic prefab kits.

The Universal droid only accepts universal prefab kits.


Each prefab kit "currency" has three denominations: mk-1, mk-2, and mk-3.


All the types of prefab kits can be crafted using crew skills -- Biochem, Artifice, Armormech, Cybertech, Armstech, and Synthweaving. The mats needed to craft the prefab kits varies. Here's a link with information on that.


Prefab kits are also sold on the GTN by crafters.


Prefab kits are the currency to buy decorations from the fabrication droids.


Prestige is not a currency. You don't need Prestige to purchase decorations. You gain Prestige by using decorations.

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