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So.. We need more story for our classes.. Idk whats so hard about that.... That's what most of us play this game for.. I'm sure there's lots of ideas for it.. But I really want to know what my story does in the long run.. I'm sure there's lots of others out there who would agree.. We need a dark jedi/sith witch class in the game also.. A defect to the empire.. I mean my jedi is my assassins ally/apprentice. Idk why there isn't a apprentice in the family tree either.. That doesn't make since if there no story to back that up.. It would make a lot of since to add this. NOT SAYING WHY!! for the people who haven't played all the classes. This is me vent for lack of more story for the classes and stuff. Don't get me wrong I love this game and its my favorite MMO.. I'm a huge star wars fan and I just would love to see this. Edited by DarthMalies
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