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<UMBRA> Recruiting for PvE, PvP, GSF


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Guild Name: <UMBRA>

Faction: Empire

Focus: PvE, PvP, Ranked PvP, GSF

Website: UMBRA

Point of contact: Scerra'cyon, Harmonica, Cykes, Cobramarauder


We are heavily invested in Conquest right now, but seem to be low on the players to compete with some of the larger guilds for some upcoming Conquest events. We usually don't advertise for new Members, but conquest brings some ambition out in us.... we aim to win :)


We're still kicking Wookiebutts and won the Planet Makeb in week one.


We are specifically looking to upgrade our GSF and PvP groups. But more PvE players are always welcome.


We have scheduled raids on 5 days a week, including SM, HM and NiM - and currently one PvP night. Though we have a few dedicated PvP players that are on every night looking for some more company in Mumble.


What we offer:

- Website and Forums, with Guides, Links and up-to-date information

- Mumble (Voice com)

- Imperial Guild ship (working on unlocking more rooms) and Strongholds


- no Drama policy

- mostly mature people ;)

- people from all over the world, usually 1-2 online at all odd times.


- ambition to win conquest events

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