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Security Key, VIP Vendor and Blue Republic Security Guards


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It's stupid that people like me paid $ for the VIP and SE vendor and no decorations we're added to make thing worse the stupid statue for the CE vendor. Come on BW is that the best you got if your someone like me trying to make your Strong Hold a military base a statue doesn't work. And if anyone else noticed that on the swtor homepage on the Second dot that say "Move To Nar Shadda Early" you see 2 blue rep guards by the door any reason we haven't seen them as a buy-able decoration?
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Security Key Vendor needs to have Security Cameras for our Strongholds!

Every "Special" vendor should have some "Special" decoration.

Anyone who did anything other than just buy the game should be granted something "Special".

We all thought that we would get special items on our vendors that were exclusive to us.

Ok, so security key Vendor has Red/White dye. That's great.

Now keep it up and follow thru with something pertaining to Strongholds.

You can do it BW, I know you can!

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