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Seasoned MMO raider LF productive HM/NIM guild on republic/imperial


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Hello all Bluueyes here. I recently came back to the game from world of warCRAP again cause lets face it star wars is way cooler then elves and gnomes. My 2 month subscription is about to run out and I have yet to be able to find a productive progression team. I have trolled (read for hours) gen chat looking for recruiters and dont really know what the serious guilds are on this server as before i had quit for last 5 or so months i had the same issue i read this server was active and paid a lot to move my geared toons here and cant seem to fit in. The only thing i have to back myself up is my experience raiding the hardest mode raids on world of warcraft, yes I know, "ew wow FU wow baddie" but please think about how I may know a thing or two about mechanics, awareness, attendance and taking the time to gear myself in 180 com gear/ buy dread forge relics to try to be the best asset I can be for a group and not just cast me out because I used to play WoW. I can not for the life of me find a pug group or get into any guilds who do the content I need (all SM bosses clear) because I do not already have the achievs from them, this is really getting old. If i want to raid i can always go back to wow and easily find a group, but I REALLY do not dig the raiders on WoW's vibes because i know there are guilds out there who down stuff and keep the atmosphere chill and respectful. I REALLY want to keep playing this game because star wars is AWESOME! Never get on forums but someone in gen chat told me I should post here, I probably wont get back on to check this so if you can, please in game mail Bluueyes (republic side) I have a geared DOT spec sin also but I am on Bluu a lot. THANKS!
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