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Dantooine Wrath <DW> WANTS YOU !


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Hey guys,

Here on Prophecy of the Five I've built a new guild for a purpose. One, I host a live stream on twitch @www.twitch.tv/obastosao ; Viewers will likely want to play with you if your entertaining or worthy enough of their time. However, another major reason behind the formation of this guild is too change the way players are going upon their day. PVP is going to be a major thing for us, we want to change the way people look at pvp, not just going to WZ's for comms and doing the same routine every day. We want to be server active, have long night battles with republic guilds on the sands of Tat, or snowy mountains of Illum or Hoth. We understand that world PvP doesn't offer anything, but what it does do is offer a fun time where Bolster buffs don't get involved and you show off your true skill. PvP is just one thing, we also intend on forming a PVE purpose group, where we go into hardmodes to defeat tough bosses and get gear. The guild is ran by me known in game as Bastosa, Bastosaa, bastosa'z or any bastosa with something on the end of it . If you can't contact me directly just do a social window who for the guild DW, we will be glad to send you an invite. We have a raidcall where we chat or get down to business in. We hope to see you in the guild so we can revolutionize this game and impact the server. You can mail me, email me @bastosa56@gmail.com or shoot me a tell in game. See you soon.

May the force be with you!

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