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Jammed packed quest hubs needed


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Seems like every area only has a handful of quests and many aren't even nearby (requires lots of running or taxis).


Be nice to go into an area for the first time and just pick up 10 or so quests at a time, with objective nearby. Right now it seems like I am doing too much traveling (on taxis and such) before I can start killing again...


I'm guessing this is mostly due to the voice over quests givers, I suspect that they are time consuming (and expensive) for bioware to implement, and I'm also guessing that it can become tedious picking up tons of quests and having to chat it up with each giver for a while each time.


Personally I rather chat it up with many quest givers if needed, as long as I can grab a bunch of nearby quests, complete them, and turn them all in.


Anyway, thats my 2 cents... thoughts?

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