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Recruitment For The New Foundation


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Hi I'm Gah a junior officers for the 'New Foundation' and I am here to tell you about are guild. If you enjoy DnD style rp along side standard rp then this is the guild for you.


We use DnD style of rp in are weekly events, the reason for using a DnD style (aka Saga) is to stop god modding and add a sense of unexpectedness to the otherwise straight forward rp. Not to say we don't have normal rp it is just the Saga will run side by side with it in normal rp. for example if try to lie to someone and they have a will of 14 then you would roll deception (1d20) and plus deception modify, if it bets their will you lie successfully and the person IC has no idea but if you don't you lie poorly and the person IC picks it up. This among other stuff makes the guild different form most other guild.


If interested in joining go to (http://newfoundation.enjin.com/) and if you have any question feel free to post them here or contact me (Gah) on the site. I hope to speak/see you around and may the force be with you.

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