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what i would like to see for PvP regarding old and new content

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it seems like most of PvP, even GSF, revolves around tbis whole 'capture and hold' idea.


GSF domination mode, alderaan civil war, and novare coast all involve three nodes in a row, and you have to capture them. gree hypergate had a capture and hold situation but i found the whole system pretty unique.


huttball and voidstar a the best in my opinion because they break this overdone concept. anyway, i know i will get people upset at this, but i would like cross-server queues. i don't want a mega-server because that would gum up the system, i just would like to speed up some queue times by letting people who queue for warzones or GSF to work together on multiple servers. they can go back to their own servers at the end and do their own thing. ranked takes 2 or 3 hours to pop for one quick arena on the bergeren colony the last time i checked, yet 55 unranked PvP is storming with players.


now, if this was to be done, i would like to see the population increase exploited for a 16 vs 16 9-part arena. how many times have you had to grind out 3 or even 4 novare coasts in a row? even if you love PvP, don't you hate the fact there are only 7 warzones to do, 1 being all of the arenas, and 2 of those both being huttball games, and 4 involving capturing and holding something. i still want WZ queues to be random, that way everyone can get what they want. i would love to see that the 16 vs 16 is only ranked, again with the 2-3 hour pug queue times.


if you ask me i think unranked should be abolished and everyone should have a place on the leaderboard. i love that people are serious with ranked because there is great risk, and great reward. losing this match may mean you don't get a rancor mount and other gifts tomorrow. levels go from 10-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 39-44, 45-49, 50-54, and 55. i think 5 level intervals should keep it fair, but BW can work it out. everyone should get the chance for great rewards in ranked, not just 55ers. i think that 50% of the population should get some kind of reward and the prize incentive will get people to queue more.


you may have the problem with people tossing the game in a bigger group more often, but i think that the leaderboard would show who the good players are because it shows how much damage, kills, and etc you have. i also want to see a win/lose ratio, a kill/death ratio, and the total amount for each. i love that you can see the performance of other seasons, though. i think that, if you suck / kick @ss, that shame/pride should stay with you forever for everyone in swtor to see.


i would like to see four categories to queue for: ranked warzones and ranked 4v4 (3 rounds) arenas, 8v8 arenas(5 rounds), and 16v16 arenas (9 rounds, the increased rounds should be fun. 3 rounds is such a quick time. imagine getting 32 players for a big bloodbath, but it is over in 2-3 rounds.


i think that selecting individual warzone maps would be unfair to the minorities, but if the constant, repetitiveness of non-arenas get to you, then you can queue for the other option. most of all i think queuing for any group of them would speed it up. i hate that you can't queue for ranked and unranked at the same time, or that it won't tell you if it is a GSF or warzone.


if they do make more warzone game modes, get your heads out of the cramped box, bioware! huttball and voidstar were entirely original ideas, something i had not seen before. come up with something new and original like those two, maybe some kind of boarding party game where you must board the other team's frigate and blow up the main subsystems.


i would also like to keep people from quitting the warzone, but then you use the 'who' tab to see that they are still in the game doing something else. if something they need to do is so important, they should exit the game because everything in the game can definitely wait until the match is over. i would, however, like to not have to use the windows button to get out because you can't use the menu when in combat, even if we have to go now!


oh sh%t! gramps just broke his leg, i should log out and rush him to the hospital! surely a quick log off just takes exactly one second, no biggie if i just pres 'esc' and click 'exit'. OH NOES! i can't exit out in combat and i have to leave because my grandpa has a shattered shin!


so then i come back to find that, not only is my grandpa in ICU, but also my computer wasted energy, i got kicked from my arena, which i would have only got 5 a week if i wasn't a sub, possibly lost some rank status, and probably pissed off some guild mates :rolleyes:


anyway, just some ideas, be sure to tell me your own ideas.

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But I did read the start and I do agree that this whole focus on "take and hold" is pretty dull.


On the other hand, deathmatches in GSF are 10 times more dull if you ask me :/


GSF death matches are boring because they are very long, 50 kills to win. they are also boring because they are uneventful. everyone lines up in a line, starting from the dreadnaught and ending in the middle. as soon as you get to the end, you die. no one seems to learn anything from it.


being a bomber is really just sh%tty as f$ck because bombers lay traps like a spider, but suck at dogfighting. you either sit around waiting and laying mines in key choke points while "not contributing", or you can dog fight to deal some damage and get wrecked because you can't turn well or even run away.


i don't think it is the game's business how i play, especially when i play the bomber the way it is meant to be played. normally it is fine in domination because you can camp at the nodes and "contribute" though.


it was also the amount of distance you had to cover. boost is really the only thing that gets you anywhere, and the maps are huge in relation to the size of the ships.


anyway, i was just thinking about having a large, rocky volcanic platform on a sea of lava for the 16 v 16 battleground. it would be asymmetrical and flat, no more than 300 meters in diameter.

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