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Could these be future cartel ship models?


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So far, all of the ships sold in the cartel market have been NPC ships / shuttles we've seen previously in the environment. For example, the recently added Gunship model could be seen on Makeb: http://dulfy.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/swtor-makeb-rise-of-the-hutt-cartel-trailer-dissection-2.jpg. And the Enforcer/Gladiator can be seen all over the place: http://guides.gamepressure.com/starwarstheoldrepublic/gfx/word/1056487453.jpg. The Ocula / Skybolt is a bit rarer, but can be seen in various places (like Mos Isla) http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2013/177/b/4/rescue_shuttle_by_ethakar-d6aqgfg.jpg.


With that in mind, I thought it'd be useful to identify the other "NPC ships" that are out there and (because speculation is fun) wonder aloud about which class of ships they might be sold as a skin for.


Note that while all of these ships are smaller than the class ships, some are definitely larger than others. Some may be too large to be in GSF--then again, currently the Republic Gunships and Bombers are fairly large.


Large Imperial Shuttle

Example images:


http://i.imgur.com/N8LxN44.jpg (in the background on the left)


This ship is definitely large, but it's still not quite as big as any class ship. I think it looks wonderfully iconic Imperial. It could make a great Bomber, Gunship, or even Strike fighter. Personally, I'd love for it to be a Strike fighter alternate (either Quell or the upcoming third "command ship" Strike variant), as I know the current batch of Imperial Strike designs are somewhat divisive. Some love them. Some can't stand them. This would give a much more traditional, iconic Star Wars appearance for Imperial Strike pilots to fly. It's sleek, aggressive, and elegant. And Republic pilots could do their best General Madine impression ("We have stolen a small Imperial shuttle").


I'd buy this one in a heartbeat for either side.


Small Imperial Shuttle

Example images: http://static1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130917210839/starwars/images/0/0e/Imperial_Shuttle_Corellia.png



Smaller than its bigger brother, this ubiquitous Imperial Shuttle is just the right size for GSF. I could easily see it being an alternate for a Scout (Blackbolt or Scout #3 variant), a Strike (Quell or Strike #3), or Infiltrator. I couldn't find a picture of its wings folded down in flight mode, but it presents a similar rear silhouette as a Blackbolt.


If it served as an alternate Strike, I'd certainly buy it for my Imperials.


Large Republic Shuttle

Example images:





It's interesting that the first image linked (concept art) says this is a "Player Flown Ship" at the bottom. I wonder if this was perhaps meant to be one of the class ships but was later determined to be too small. Either way, it's an awesome design, evoking both the Y-wing and the "turtle shell" of the Republic Dreadnoughts. You can see by its engine nacelles that it's comparable in size to the Quarrel. Because it actually shares so many visual cues with the Quarrel, I'd actually use it as an alternate for the Bombers instead of the Gunship. The Republic Bombers, like the Imperial Strikers, have a somewhat divisive and exotic design. It'd be nice to offer this ship as a more iconic and traditional alternative. Also I think Imperials would enjoy making a "dark" version of this ship with different paint schemes.


I'd buy this in a heartbeat on either side.


Small Republic Shuttle

Example Images:




This was actually the very first ship we ever saw from the SWTOR era, as it made its debut crashing into the Jedi Temple in the "Deceived" trailer. We now recognize it as the standard small Republic Shuttle / Dropship, though there's certainly already a precedent for Imperials stealing them :)


Like the Small Imperial Shuttle, I think this could serve as a great alternate skin to a Scout, Strike, or Infiltrator down the road.


I'd probably buy it as a Republic Scout or Infiltrator alternate (I like the existing Republic Strikes).


Interfleet Taxis

Example Image:



We already know both Republic and Empire use this ship. Additionally, it appeared as the Hutt Cartel Fighter in a questline on Makeb. I suspect we'll see it as a Scout alternate eventually (possibly for Blackbolt / NovaDrive).


This one seems the most obvious, but is the one I am least likely to buy. :p



Other Ships?

Apart from these there's the air taxi (http://swtor.junkiesnation.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/7/2012/12/Flash-Point-Shuttle.jpg), which looks potentially spaceworthy as a Scout ... but I think this has always been presented as a speeder, not a ship.


There's this guy (http://images.mmorpg.com/features/2921/images/2921_2_t.jpg) but the PTS already has a new Cartel alternate Bomber that looks a lot like it (http://i.imgur.com/U5G5yLI.png).


There's one more ship that you see here and there, usually presented as a small freighter. I couldn't find an image of it online, but you can see it in the lower right corner of the map here: http://tor.zamimg.com/torhead/images/maps/medium/4611686025383332936/map_hub4_dark_heart_agent.jpg. It's the ship used by the Shining Man. Unfortunately, I can't quite remember its size. I think it may end up being a little too long, but who knows. It could still probably serve as a Gunship or Bomber alternate.


What other ships do you recall seeing that are smaller than class ships?

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So was the Gladiator/Enforcer. It is literally the drop ship you take to almost every flashpoint.


I rather remember those in Flashpoints :



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All of them were ... which is precisely why they are all equivalently "shuttles" and all have the same chance of being introduced into GSF.

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The shuttles are shuttles. No way I'd accept this as a scout. Gunships or bombers, yeah, maybe, why not. But the only one that could be pictured as fighter or scout is this


The scaling for GSF is outta the window, you can see yourself, barely fit yourself into that dump on satellite with your bomber or gunship, then take your small scout and you will barely fit again. But just look at the design, you can't imagine the transport shuttle to be a scout ship, jezus. :)

Scouts somehow need to look fast and agile. Fighters somehow need to look armed and dangerous. Gunships want to look like bigger fighters, bombers are the only ones that can look like transport ships.


I hope for cartel shop replacements for the ships that don't have them yet. I need a second NovaDive as an EMP disruptor against those bombers. I will probably buy whatever design comes, but I will struggle a lot if it will look like a small Imperial or Republic shuttle.

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