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Hydian Way Blockade... Bugged?


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So I just did the "Hydian Way Blockade" space mission four times in a row.

The first time I didn't manage to destroy the mine layer's hangar (or what's it called), so the mission failed.

The next three tries, I am 99.9% certain that I got all the objectives, yet each time the game tells me "Mission Failed"


Sadly at that point the mission tracker has disappeared, so I don't even know WHAT I missed.


Is this a bug? Did someone else have this?

I have no idea what went wrong there, really, and considering the mission is almost 9 minutes, I really don't feel like trying again 'just for kicks'...

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This is actually my very first character to reach anything beyond level ten, so I have never even played it before.


I'm not even sure it IS a bug as I can't see the mission tracker by the time the "jump to lightspeed" hits...

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