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my talent build. come with feedback if it looks interesting.


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Alright, I copied your spec over here because I absolutely cannot stand the horrible UI of the website you are using.


Anyway to the point:


You're trying to build a balance hybrid here, that's quite clear. However.. I am now going to compare your spec to my spec to tell you exactly what is wrong with it and why.


Here is my spec:





Alright so now as I can see, you chose to pick Shadowy Veil at the cost of Clarity and Misdirection.. Why?

Why would you get a little more armor and in turn for that lose movement speed and the ability to break yourself out of crowd control?


I can tell you now that even though you take less damage directly.. you're going to die more often than you would in my spec simply because of the times where you can't break out of control where you otherwise could. Or can't run away, or run fast enough to stop a cap.


That doesn't make any sense. Shadowy Veil is not worth it. Definitely not at the cost of those 2 talents.


Next, you're taking focussed insight? Really? You only have 1 dot.. and it's used in rare occasions only.. what the ****? That doesn't even compute...


Lastly you're taking Applied Force over Adjucation. That's just very plainly a serious downgrade in effective burst AND damage.




So to cut it short, your spec sucks from all angles.

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Yeah, the 2nd spec is a bit closer to perfection. I have worked out my version of the perfect spec with a few minor changes. Don't know how to link the details, but its a 0-33-13. The only difference from the 2nd spec listed is no points in the double strike crit damage bonus. 1 point in force speed/mind snap reduction. 2 points in the armor bonus, and 1 in the force bonus.


The spec changes a little here and there, but mostly just around those points. I mostly rely on hard hitting force attacks, so the double strike only gets used when i need to do another round of my rotation. I don't run from fights, but the couple extra seconds helps for quick start interrupts. The extra armor helps, so i don't have to be nit picky on my targets, and survive a quick swap focus.


The mindsnap cooldown is the only downside, but as a shadow, you get to pick the target, and can usually stun lock them to death first. Only in large engagements with aoe stuns does it fall short.

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