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  1. While I remain wary to take a hard stance in any one direction or another.. I also think that by gating abilities that have been baseline for the last decade into choices against one or the other the class loses a lot of its soul. Im not quite sure what the intent was behind all of this pruning but It definitely doesn't feel right.
  2. That's a little more like it at least. I still expect you have to keep a close eye on it tuning wise after it goes live though.
  3. Mainwhile other people queue solo and are getting winloss ratios of over 50%. Hell myself im at like 60-70% overall. When in a premade I pretty much don't lose How is that my fault? You just have to get good.
  4. You can't guard someone that is guarding another so this is actual bs.
  5. Better than 20 years of solo ranked
  6. Look.. if you want to design something like this it should be possible for 1 person to farm enough mats for 1 augment in 1 week. At that point it will still be 14 weeks of going full steam before you can deck out 1 effing character. And yes, eventually.. after the main farmers have gotten their characters decked out and will only farm for monetary gain the market will saturate and incentive to do anything other than buying it from GTN will drop. But that is just how this **** works. I still have at least 10 characters to deck out for myself and I know several of my veteran friends have half a dozen more than than. Seriously.. even 1 week per augment would be a very serious stretch and we're looking at several weeks per augment as it stands.. What are you thinking? Honestly :confused:
  7. I don't really see an issue with that. You don't need full minmaxed 306 for HM anyway. Theres been enough serving snowflake mentalities like this already
  8. Yeah I left that out deliberately. I understand that they want to move people to team ranked but this isn't incentive.. this is brute force.
  9. Also, there is a 5% chance from the daily ranked pvp and a 25% chance from the weekly.. but that percentage chance is based on what? 1 RPM? So I have to play 3 weeks of solos on average to get 1 of a material I need 25 of to make 1 augment? Whut? That means I'd need to play 75 weeks of soloranked to make 1 augment. And I need 14 of those.. do I need to play soloranked for 1050 weeks (20 years and some change, btw) To gear 1 character in new augments? rofl. And then I haven't even considered the fact that you also need all the other materials
  10. Can you post information about the stats that these augments are supposed to provide?
  11. Many probably never played during the time you couldn't even guard as any DPS.
  12. I mean that is some strong wording for players simply using a mechanic that you guys, as developers, gave to us. The whole removal of stances was an insanely bad move and I called it all those years ago. Still, this is a good thing. I would like to echo some others in that this is really only a PvP thing and it doesn't necessarily have to apply to damage dealt to anything but players, however its also not really a big deal if DPS can't guard in PvE anymore so eh What I hope comes after now is that we can start making some tweaks to the classes that heavily rely on these guard mechanics to succeed and see if we can compensate them elsewhere when time is going to prove them to be lacking now. Also, nerf PT burst. Thx.
  13. Honestly I havn't noticed the slighest change in match quality, not for the better, and not for the worse. All I know is that the deserter thing sometimes makes me stop playing.
  14. Exilov // Operative Exilove // Assassin
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