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No Fan of Auto-Accept Quests


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You're deep into a quest that took you to the other side of a planet or space station, whatever. You've had to fight your way through, killing who knows how many mobs, and it has been old before you even get to the quest area, so you hope to hurry and finish the quest so you can take a break to eat etc. Then mid fight you glance over and see two more quests you didn't have a say in accepting show up in the list. You already used your quick travel, so when you finish the primary quest you can't just port out.


The only choices you have: skip the quests you didn't want and fight your way back through all the mobs you already killed to get there, die because you couldn't wait to pee and had to leave your toon where it's at in the middle of a bunch pf baddies, only to have to fight your way back out after you rez (if you can rez), or accept the fact that you're being forced to do more than you planned or wanted to do when you accepted the original one quest.


All MMO's don't do that. Many do, and this is one. Rift is another that forces unwanted quests on you. I like to play these games offered on my time, when I have time. Especially when I'm paying for it. I'm not too keen on the game forcing itself into my time; when I accept a quest, it's for A quest, singular, and if I find something else along the way I want to deal with, or not, I will or won't it's up to me.


I know I can just abandon them, but that's not the point. The point is there are better ways to distribute quests in this, and other games, without forcing them onto players. Put bonus quest givers in the area near the original quest so that we have a choice; there are many ways to do it differently. But forcing them into our quest lists without even a 'Would you like to accept Quest A?' or something option isn't very cool.

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