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Sparks of Insanity - recruiting DPSiers for our 3rd OP's Progression Group


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I'm raid leader of one of the 3 OP's progression groups in Sparks of Insanity [Republic guild], and I got following spots open:

- 1x fixed spot for Sentinel.

- 2x spotfillers spots for dps/tank (spotfillers join if 1 of the 8 mains can't attend).


Our progression is now at Corruptor Zero in DF 8 hm.


Raiding nights:

- Tuesdays 19h..21h30 GMT-0

- Friday's 19h..21h30 GMT-0

- Saturday 19h..21h30 GMT-0 (this night is in standby since we supporting the Guild wide 16 man Hard modes running at the moment at the Weekend, so we only raiding 2x times(week).


Apply in our website, by cliking in the recruiting box on homepage the spot you want to fill:



May the Force be With Us




- attend 80% of planned raids in a month (that will be 10 out of 12 if we raiding 3x times per week, or 6 out of 8 if we raiding 2x times per week.

- Inform us in advance if you can't attend a planned raid - via post on the event, ingame message to a raid leader (Budha or Sparrow), etc.


** Remember: its more important the social side and friendly respect with commitments to other people then your gear or how much damage/heal or mitigation you able to play.


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