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Republic PvP: normal wzs


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This has seriously become a joke now, we have no healers, no tanks, no common sense, no anything.

In previous times I would see rep/imp win ration change depending on the time but now It's purely Imperials win and I might get 1 or 2 wins a day.

Every imperial team i played against had at least 2 healers and a tank.

I even switched to Imperial and WON EVERY MATCH except for a very close call against another imperial team.

I just want to ask where have all the good reps gone, please come back, I can feel myself slipping to the darkside bit by bit each passing day.

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Whatwhat? REP side bad? I'm switching to IMP side, because almost always REP side wins. I like more challenge.


Be sure to follow my solution step-by-step:


1. Roll a healer. (any of the 3 is fine)

2. Be good at it.

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Just Scrolling a bit down, you find the exact opposite thread.


"Normal WZ 90% win Rate for Rep"


Most of the time, these threads tell us more about the OP than about the actual faction balance.


Not really. It's very hard to have a player who is so incredibly good or bad to completely turn a WZ into a smashing success or an utter disaster. Much less to do it again and again to statistic worthy numbers.


The reality is simpler, much simpler.


Before evening reps roll more or less random groups like imps but imps have generally higher turnover and numbers and thus more probability to have less experienced and geared players. So the result is something like 60% reps win, 40% emps (including imps vs imps).


At evening most rep relaxed and less relaxed PvP guilds roll their premade. Yesterday I think my new guild's 4 men ended up in the same WZ along a second rep premade 1 out of 2-3 times, and this repeats every day now.

Most evenings, this translates into imps going against *at least* a 4 men premade most of the time and often against a double premade. I have met 4-5 different 4 men same guild premades in an evening so even if imps go for another instance, there's a definite possibility they just go vs another premade.

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