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[DAILY] The Dread Guard - Bonus Mission Bugged


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This issue has happened on more than one occasion now, so I'm going to post it. I couldn't find a similar thread in search, so I apologize if it has already been reported.


Location: Section-X

Quest: [DAILY] The Dread Guard (Republic)

Issue: When I start this daily quest, my bonus begins with the final stage. At first, I thought less work for me! Turns out, after completing the final stage, I needed to do the whole bonus quest chain starting from Stage 1. Yesterday, I decided to abandon the bonus quest (again started at final stage) and reactivated it by killing some mobs to start Stage 1 properly. I got through the first three stages fine, but when I was supposed to do the final stage, it didn't show up. I don't believe I got credit for completing the bonus quest.


Please look into this and hope I'm not the only one running into this issue!

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