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Question regarding Biochem and Cybertech


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I had figured I would want biochem at 55 for the ability to make my own consumables. I've always had a soft spot for alchemy type professions because paying for consumables at end game is one of the main places you spend your money and I like being self-sufficient in that regard. However, I've never really been impressed with biochem while leveling. I never seem to need/use more medpacks than what I find on the mobs I kill, and while having stims are nice they never seem that necessary or noticeable while leveling. I don't normally bother with adrenals either unless I wind up having the mats to make the reusable version.


Would I be better off going cybertech while leveling and switching to biochem for endgame? Is that even worth it? How useful is cybertech at endgame? I know grenades are useful but they always struck me as more of a PvP commodity which isn't going to be my focus. Not sure how crafting mods at endgame works vs. what you find on gear or can purchase through comms.


I know while leveling cybertech is useful for keeping gear up to date, but with how comms are now I find myself swimming in them, and even when I get low I can always go back to older planets and do the heroics for extra comms if need be. Makes me wonder if I should even go out of my way to craft while leveling or just wait till 55, or even just take all gathering skills and focusing on making money in the meantime.


Thanks for reading.

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As you have said both Biochem and Cybertech are good for leveling your main or alts. Regarding the end game, I would say, only Biochem is a little usefull for the reusables but Cybertech has no use unless you "try" to RE the high level armorings and mods. Even if you succeed on REing, you will need to farm rare materials to produce them.


If you only have one character, you don't even need a crew skill but if you need to level some alts, both Biochem and Cybertech are needed IMO.


Edit: For end game Cybertech crafting this topic may help.

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