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Rakghoul menace suggestion


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I'm a PVPER and nothing it more a Pain then having to DEAL with this crap. Make the VACCINE persist though Death or allow us to Kill the Infected. I feel its only fair considering the none STOP Imperial Announcer statements saying I quote " All Citizens are Required to Seek out signs of Genetic Mutations due to the Rakghoul-Plague Exposure, And neutralize the afflicted as Necessary" You guys Over looked a important aspect of the Game Mechanics clearly thus allowing the Community to be griefed by people they cant Neutralize to prevent further exposure. So I am requesting so seeing as I PVP and the Vaccine doesn't Persist through death that you make the Vaccine persist through Death or Allow us Loyal to which ever Side we follow to do our Duty and Neutralize these people BECAUSE AT LOWER LEVELS 2k a pop is insane FIX IT
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