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I'd like to report a frustrating bug


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I had this in another area and it was suggested to me that I copy it here:


am having problems sending mail from my Republic character Eadlinda to my Imperial character Zorastria on Harbinger server. To illustrate I'll post the steps I follow


1. Place mail in slot

2. carefully manually type in: z o r a s t r i a (the whole time it trys to autofil Zorasta instead but I force it to take Zorastria.)

3. as I am about to hit send i notice the RI has vanished and the name reads Zorasta (a republic guild mate)

4. backspace through 'a' and type in RIA

5. Hit send

6. Get message that the recipient is not a friend, guild member or legacy toon

7. Cancel and check spelling. Nonsense, it's spelled correctly and is my own toon

8. Rinse and repeat

9. Double check that spelling reads ZORASTRIA

10. Hit send and as the mail vanishes I notice the RI has vanished and : Zorasta, you have my mail again The entire time it keeps trying to autofil Zorasta and I believe that is what happens as I hit send.


As I mentioned, Zorasta is a guild mate and will send my items back when he returns from vacation. That is not the problem. I know I'll get the items back. The problem is that my mail keeps ending up with him which is an inconvenience. When I remember (I tend to forget when I mail items out at 1am before going to bed) I send my mail to a different imperial toon on my account and then forward it on to Zorastria. Again, that is inconvenient but at least the mail goes where I want it. Mostly the issue is frustrating me.


Thanks for your attention




It was also suggested that I do some screenies, and if you need them I'll do so as soon as I can. I have been out all day and just got home so I haven't had a chance.

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