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Make ALL consumables Bind On Use...

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I bought a pack the other day which contained a "mission holocron" thingy.


thinking it was some sort of cool extra content mission of awesomeness, I gave the item to my 55 Sith and activated it.


"go to the data station on Nar Shaddaa"


I went to said data station and was given a choice, a Major XP Boost OR a Valor Boost.


I would have taken the XP booster, except it's Bind On Pickup and useless (in the short/medium term) to a lvl55.


I've bought a total of two cartel packs and in all honesty, I doubt I'll buy any more their contents were so dismally underwhelming.

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Originally these contained a credit boon as an option, but due to the legacy unlock it was exploited as a means to farm credits and eventually removed.


These cubes are part of the collection and if all are used an armor set is unlocked. This was just a different way to add some story content into the game and bypassed the Upper/Lower/Auxillary crates found in some packs.


There was such an uproar over the "this is story content and p2w" that it has been difficult to gauge if it will be repeated in the future.


I see no issues with these, the other consumables are unbound, these are slightly different and thus don't need a change.

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