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Sniper / Scoundrel Looking for a active Guild


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I just arrived to The Ebon Hawk this week (from Prophecy of the Five) I have REP L54 Scoundrel with 19K and L11 Scoundrel and IMP L55 Sniper with 34K now on Ebon Hawk server. I have been playing SWTOR since beta.


Rep (Doz) Scoundrel Dirty Fighting L54 19K and will be 55 making major upgrades.

IMP (Lost'Her) Sniper Marksmanship L55 34K raiding DPS and Armormech 450 crafting machine.


Note the cost to move a character to Ebon Hawk sever is 1800 CC for each character.


Custom gaming PC with 90 MBps internet. I am PC savvy 53 Yrs young.

I have Ventrilo, Team Speak and Mumble programs and good head set.

My Friend is also looking and is a very strong DPS player. Looking for Imperial and Republic.

I am looking forward to Space battles.

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Found a Guild, Thank you all
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Welcome to the Ebon Hawk! You are welcome to check out our guild, The Thirteenth Legion. We are a social guild of people that are mature professionals from many walks of life. We cover all aspects of the game including RP, PvE, PvP, and more. We have several Ops every week, but the big Ops happens on Fridays at 10PM server time. We have a 35 person mumble server that is used every day. We have guilds in both factions, though we are more focused on the Republic side. As for the new space PvP, we plan on having weekly events for members to group up and queue. But I'm sure people will do that every day, we have a number of people that are interested in it.


The link to our site is in my sig.


Best of luck in your guild search!

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