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Newly Arrived Scoundrel Lady looking for Progression Team


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I recently arrived to The Ebon Hawk last week (from Jedi Covenant) looking for a fresh start and a new home. I'm a skilled healer who's played as a primary healer for groups for many years. I have good situational awareness and reflexes. I would very much like to find a group where I can work with a team on common goals and progress my skills.


My primary characters are:

Trixxsylynn (sawbones scoundrel) profile and

Hanta (vigilance guardian) profile


(my gear is modest as my previous guild was social.)


If you have any openings or are starting a new group, I would love to talk with you about joining.


-Trixxsylynn Brawne

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I would invite you to consider Disciples of the Galaxy. We are a growing guild that is always looking to recruit good people. We consider ourselves to be a friendly and welcoming community. We use Mumble, and have a website here. If you like what you see there, fill out a recruitment form and an officer will get back to you!
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Welcome to Ebon Hawk!!


We raid on both sides of the force! We have a well established Operation group pub side Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our sith side raids on Wednesday and is still building its progression group so it is a great time to join! Our sith team is focusing mostly on tier 3 Ops, while the pub team is on tier 4+ Ops!


All Ops are 9est-11:30est


Good luck on your search!

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